Superfoods & Superspices

Superfoods & Superspices

Superfoods are super nutritious food, packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals,

antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and many other health beneficial elements.

Our bodies need high level of nutrients from food. Inclusive are antioxidants,

Vitamin C, Anthocyanin, Manganese, and dietary fibres.

Add these into your eating routines, and you decide if you notice the difference

with your glowing skin, feeling more energetic , possible weight loss, better

digestion ,the feeling of general better health, and of course this should lead you

to living a generally healthier and happier lifestyle.

These foods are high in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals

are, a natural occurrence through metabolism however extra and unnecessary free

radical load can be put in our bodies by external factors including pollution,

cigarette smoke, radiation, burnt foods, deep fried fats and cooked foods. When

enough of these free radicals invade our immune system problems occurs. This is when

you need antioxidants to build up the immune system and fight off the free radicals

in the form of superfoods or supplements.

We have separated our favourite superfoods into categories below:

Please let us know of any experiences you may have had, or any extra info on these or other superfoods, we would all love to hear

about them…








Avocados are rich in healthy Fats & anti-Oxidants. This amazing fruit is very high in

healthy oleic acid. This is a monounsaturated fat that helps increase fat

metabolism. It is also rich in the powerful carotenoid anti-oxidants lutein and

zeaxanthin as well as vitamin E .These anti-oxidants decrease oxidative stress and allow

for a healthier cellular environment.Avocados are a terrific complement to a vegetable

based meal. Most vegetables, particularly in their raw state, contain a high amount of

carotenoid based anti-oxidants. Studies have shown that these anti-oxidants are lipophilic

(fat-loving) and are absorbed best in the body when combined with a healthy fat such

as oleic acid.


They are a powerful source of antioxidants including polyphenols, flavonoids, and

vitamin C, as well as good source of fibre, and potassium. One medium to large size

apple has around 100 calories and the main source of nutrients of the apple comes

from its skin. Therefore eating the skin is a good idea so you can obtain its full



Red Capsicums are an excellent source of vitamin C. They also contain carotenes,

potassium and B vitamins, including folate. Red peppers have more vitamins and

nutrients and contain the antioxidant lycopene, than green or yellow peppers. The

level of carotene, another antioxidant, is nine times higher in red peppers. Red

peppers have twice the vitamin C content of green peppers. Also, one large red bell

pepper contains 209 mg of vitamin C, which is more than double the 98 mg in one

large citrus orange (fruit).


With the frequent mention throughout the Old Testament of the Bible many believe,

that the pomegranites may have been the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The

bible consistently uses pomegranates with their many seeds to symbolize the blessing

of fruitfulness.This  Middle Eastern fruit is claimed to be effective against heart

disease, high blood pressure, inflammation and some cancers, including prostate

cancer. Pomegranates are loaded with nutrition and are particularly abundant in

vitamin C, potassium, & pantothenic acid (B5). Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidant

phytonutrient polyphenols such as tannins & flavonoids. It is one of nature’s

richest sources of free-radical scavenging anti-oxidants. This potent defence

against oxidative stress makes pomegranite a powerful tool for preventing

degenerative and inflammatory based diseases like cancer, heart disease, &



This fruit has been used by Polynesian islanders as a regenerative medicine for

more than 1500 years. Research documents that the noni fruit has astounding

anti-bacterial properties, even against E-coli. It has anti-tumor activity,

anti-inflammatory properties, is effective as a pain reliever, generates cell

repair and strengthens the immune system. Noni contains a multitude of vitamins,

minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Many believe that the synergistic effect of

the multi-spectrum nutrients is what gives it its potency. It has been proven

beneficial for colds and flu’s, digestive disorders, skin disorders, pain relief,

headaches, infections and more. For best results look for a freeze-dried product

that uses only the whole fruit or when buying the juice look for a brand that does

not use pasteurizing.


Acai berries have long been a part of the staple diet of the tribes in the Amazon.

With the appearance of a purple grape and taste of a tropical berry it has been

shown to have powerful antioxidant properties thanks to a high level of

anthocyanins, pigments also found in red wine. The ORAC rating of acai is 1,027.

Make sure to look for the freeze dried acai fruit in which the nutrients are kept

intact or when buying the juice look for a brand that has not been pasteurized or

heated in any way.


All berries are known to have high antioxidant levels and help prevent cancer, but

this little Goji berry also known as Chinese Wolfberry or Gou Qi Zi . These

distinctively flavoured red berries are a very rich source of vitamin C, having 500

times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges and actually more than any other fruit.

They are a superb source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E and contain a full

complement of protein with 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals. Most of all they

are an excellent antioxidant making it an ideal natural whole food for reversing

aging and protecting against disease.


Young coconuts are one of the highest sources of electrolytes in nature.

Electrolytes are ionized salts in our cells, that transport energy throughout the

body. The molecular structure of coconut water is identical to human blood plasma,

which means that it is immediately recognized by the body and put to good use.

Drinking the juice from a young coconut is like giving your body an instant blood

transfusion. In fact this was common practice during World War II in the Pacific,

where both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water, siphoned directly

from the coconut, to give emergency transfusions to wounded soldiers.

Coconut Oil- Coconut oil’s saturated fat is of the medium-chain fatty acid variety,

which are digested more easily and utilized differently by the body than other

saturated fats (such as butter, meat and eggs). Coconut oil supports healthy

metabolic function and is a revered anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal

agent. Pacific islanders deem coconut oil to be the cure-all gift from nature for

all illness.

Coconut  Oil for Weight loss

Coconut oil is very useful in reducing weight. It contains short and medium-chain

fatty acids that help in taking off excessive weight. It is also easy to digest and

it helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and enzymes systems. Whereas other

saturated fats are stored in the body’s cells, the medium chain fatty acids in

coconut oil are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into

energy. Further, it increases the body metabolism by removing stress on pancreases,

thereby burning out more energy and helping obese and overweight people reduce their

weight. Hence, people living in tropical coastal areas, who eat coconut oil daily as

their primary cooking oil, are normally not fat, obese or overweight.

Coconut Oil for Digestion

Internal use of coconut oil occurs primarily as cooking oil. Coconut oil helps in

improving the digestive system and thus prevents various stomach and digestion

related problems including irritable bowel syndrome. The saturated fats present in

coconut oil have anti microbial properties and help in dealing with various

bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc., that cause indigestion. Coconut oil also helps in

absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Coconut Oil for Immune System

Coconut oil is also good for the immune system. It strengthens the immune system as

it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which

have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The human body converts

lauric acid into monolaurin which is claimed to help in dealing with viruses and

bacteria causing diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV.

It helps in fighting harmful bacteria such as listeria monocytogenes and heliobacter

pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia.


Walnuts contain more anti-oxidants than any other nut. With it’s high levels of

omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts provide benefits similar to salmon and other cold-water

fish. These fatty acids are great for heart health, lower cholesterol, support brain

health and mood, and increase circulation to the skin. What’s not to love? Walnuts

are also rich in vitamin E, zinc, and folic acid.


Almonds are touted as the most diet-friendly nut because they are high in protein,

heart-friendly due to high levels of MUFAs and very filling. While they are high in

fat, they are one of the few foods that are high in the “healthy” fat or more

scientifically, monounsaturated fat. Like olive oil and avocados, almonds have been

proven to help stave off heart disease and diabetes and to help lower bad

cholesterol. They are also high in vitamin E and magnesium, which improves blood

flow and calms arteries, crucial for healthy hearts. Keep the skin on to get double

the amount of antioxidants compared to the blanched variety.

Almonds are a good source of potassium, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorous,

and iron.The Vitamin E found in almonds helps promote healthy skin and hair. In

addition, Vitamin E is important to the elasticity and strength in blood vessels,

helps prevent age spots, slows aging and contributes to athletic performance.

Almonds are also a very good source of manganese, copper, vitamin B2 and phosphorus.

2½ to 3 ounces of nuts eaten with high glycemic foods reduces the glycemic effect of

the food substantially, helping stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition,

antioxidant levels also significantly increased in one study when almonds were added

to a meal.

A quarter cup of almonds contains almost 8 gram of protein. That is more than an

egg, with 5.5 grams of protein. Almonds, as plant based foods, are easier for the

body to digest and utilize, will provide more fiber, leaving you feeling fuller, and

contain heart healthy fats with cholesterol balancing properties.

Almonds are surely a natural nutritional powerhouse food, with benefits for healthy

cholesterol levels, heart health, cancer treatment, blood sugar control and weight

loss. You should include a handful of almonds in your diet twice weekly or more.


The antioxidant known as selenium is a very powerful protector against heart disease

and prostate cancer, and a destroyer of free-radicals.

Brazil nuts contain 2500 times the selenium found in any other nut in the world!

Brazil nuts are also high in protein, vitamin e, thiamin, copper, phosphorus,

calcium, magnesium and manganese. Manganese is also very good for the immune system,

so this food really packs a powerful punch.

It must be noted that although this food is referred to as a nut, It’s technically a

fruit. This explains the very high antioxidant levels of Brazil nuts.The thyroid is

also benefited a great deal by the intake of this fruit. The thyroid needs a proper

amount selenium in order to function correctly. The intake of Brazil nuts may

greatly benefit those with thyroid issues.

• Selenium reduces the risk of many cancers. It is a powerful antioxidant which

assists against the aging process,it also helps the heart, boosts the immune system,

and is found more in Brazil nuts than in possibly any other food in the world.

• Since Brazil nuts are high in fiber they protect against constipation.

• Eat a few Brazil nuts each day in order to ensure that you are getting enough

critical antioxidants in your diet.

• Our thyroid’s need selenium to function well. Brazil nuts are a great food to

maintain a properly functioning thyroid, or correct a poorly functioning one.

• Brazil nuts are native to the Amazon Rain Forest, and are actually produced more

in Bolivia.


Best way to eat them :

Just sprinkle them on your cereal,salad or add them to your stir fry at the end of


Or put them in your juice or smoothie, everyday.


These seeds contain high levels of nutrients, including the well needed Omega 3.

Chia Seeds assist in the following conditions:

Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Bone Health, Digestive Disorders and some



Raw cacao beans is possibly the world’s most concentrated source of antioxidants

found in any food.Only certified organic raw cacao in a powder form ,or whole

bean form has all the heat-sensitive vitamins,minerals and antioxidants to remain

intact.Containing extremely high amounts of magnesium and contains 1/5 of your

daily recommended  allowance of iron per serve. Raw cacao beans have an antioxidant

(ORAC) score that is 14 times more flavonoids (antioxidants) than red wine and 21

times more than green tea.


Maca powder is from the Maca root, a flavourful ancient superfood from Peru. Maca has

been cultivated for at least 2000 years and was consumed by Inca warriors to

increase strength and endurance. It is a highly nutritious food that has been used

traditionally to gain energy, promote sexual desire, support fertility and enhance

immune system function. It continues today to be a significant staple food and

medicinal plant for the Peruvian people and is now widely available around the world

as a whole food supplement.


Although flaxseed contains all sorts of healthy components, it owes its healthy

reputation primarily to three ingredients:

• Omega-3 essential fatty acids, “good” fats that have been shown to have

heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams

of plant omega-3s.

• Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed

contains 75-800 times more lignans than other plant foods.

• Fibre. Flaxseed contains both the soluble and insoluble types.


Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is becoming an easy substitute for rice and other

carbohydrates its as easy to make as rice and is becoming a real popular super food

amongst the health conscious.


Black rice or purple rice contains high levels of antioxidants! Low in sugar, and

packed full of healthy fibres, just a spoon full of black rice contains more

nutrients than that in blueberries with less sugar more vitamin E and

antioxidants. The plant compounds in black rice are known to dampen allergic

reactions,combat cancer and chronic inflammation, such as diabetes.

Black rice is primarily grown in Asia. Black rice is potent in Minerals  such as

Potassium, Iron, Antioxidants – Anthocyanins, Dietary Fibres and Omega 3, 6,

contains Vitamins B Vitamin, and Vitamin E. Black rice is gluten and wheat free, and

one serve is only 160 calories.


Time to learn to love your green superfoods. They contain the highest concentrations

of vitamins and minerals, easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds to

protect and heal the body. Containing a wide variety of beneficial substances

including healthy bacteria, proteins, and protective photo-chemicals , aids your

digestive system and protects your body from illness and disease.

What makes food green?

The pigment that gives plants their green color, is chlorophyll.Green superfoods are

packed full of chlorophyll. Cells need to thrive on oxygen-rich blood, hence the

molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to human blood.

Get them in your diet today, add them to juices, or

add them to smoothies….below are the best green superfoods about…

Spirulina –

Spirulina is a cultivated micro-algae which has been consumed for thousands of

years by the indigenous peoples in Mexico and Africa. It is one of the highest

known protein sources on Earth and contains 70% complete protein, towering over

steak which consists of only 25% protein once cooked. Studies have shown that

spirulina can help control blood sugar levels and cravings thus making it a key

food for diabetics, and can be used to assist in weight loss and as a general

nutritional supplement.


Chlorella is a fresh water algae and like its other algae cousins contains a

complete protein profile, all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E and many minerals. It

is amazing for the immune system and for reducing cholesterol and preventing the

hardening of the arteries, a precursor to heart attacks and strokes.

Green leafy vegetables-

Green leafy vegetables are so readily available and so highly nutritious. Fresh raw

green leafy vegetables contain high doses of chlorophyll, easily digestible

proteins, enzymes and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. The blood loves these

these particular vegetables , they act as a health tonic for the brain and immune

system and a cleanser of the kidneys. Try any of the following: rocket, spinach,

dandelion greens, kale, watercress, parsley, lettuce, endive, chicory, broccoli

sprouts and mustard sprouts. Try to eat with most meals.


Broccoli has long been known as one of the healthiest veggies because of its combination of   nutrients.This superfood is loaded with fiber, antioxidants to fight cancer, and vitamin C   to aid in iron absorption.Also a great source of calcium to help control blood pressure and build strong bones. It can enhance detoxification,has cholesterol-lowering benefits,aids in anti-inflammation, and is loaded with anti-oxidants Cruciferous veggies like broccoli,            and its cousins cauliflower and brussels sprouts contain a chemical called sulforaphane. It is this chemical that has been found to target cells that make tumors grow and has the power to stop them.Per serving,broccoli contains over fifty percent of the RDA for vitamin C and potassium (vitamin K) and from eating one cup of broccoli you get more vitamin A from broccoli than you do from drinking a cup of milk. Try eating broccoli, other cruciferous vegetables several times per week to reap the good-for-you benefits.

Wheat grass –

Wheat grass is super alkalizing and is excellent for promoting healthy blood. It

normalizes the thyroid gland to stimulate metabolism thus assisting digestion and

promoting weight loss due also to its high enzyme content and cleansing effect.It is

the sprouted grass of a wheat seed. Unlike the whole grain ,it no longer contains

gluten or other common allergic agents.

Barley grass –

Barley grass has 11 times more calcium than cows milk, 5 times more iron than

spinach and 7 times more Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids than orange juice. It contains

significant amounts of Vitamin B12 which is very important in a vegetarian diet.

Barley grass juice has anti-viral activities and neutralizes heavy metals such as

mercury in the blood.

Wild blue-green algae –

Algae is the super power of all, it was the first form of life on Earth. Wild

blue-green algae is a phyto-plankton and contains virtually every nutrient. With a

60% protein content and a more complete amino acid profile than beef or soy beans.

It contains one of the best known food sources of beta carotene, B vitamins and

chlorophyll. It has been shown to improve brain function and memory, strengthen the

immune system and help with viruses, colds and flu.


Herbs as nourishment offer the body a whole host of nutrients it may not have

received either because of poor diet or environmental deficiencies in the soil or

air. Herbs as medicine are essentially body balancers that work with the body

functions so that it can heal and regulate itself. Herbs have been used for

centuries as part of the wisdoms of natural healing methods. Herbs are best used in

their whole form rather than isolating effective plant constituents so-called

“active ingredients”. Since all body parts and most disease symptoms are

interrelated, it is wise to use herbs which can affect each part of the problem.

Moringa Oleifera:

Moringa Oleifera is meant to fully nourish and energize your body.

Meeting all your bodies nutritional requirements will naturally curb junk food

cravings and supply you with the energy you need to maintain a healthy & active

lifestyle. Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain four times the vitamin A available

in carrots. Seven times the vitamin C in oranges. Four times the Calcium available

in milk. Twice the protein in milk and three times the Potassium in bananas.

Aloe vera –

Aloe vera has been used since Egyptian times as a skin moisturizer, and

healer for burns, cuts, bruises, acne and eczema. This is mostly due to the high

concentration of natural sulphur (MSM) that it contains. Aloe juices alkalizes the

digestive tract preventing over-acidity, a common cause of indigestion, acid reflux,

heartburn and ulcers.Aloe vera is a perennial succulent that grows in a wild

and seems to do best in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It has been deemed a superfood

after research studies identifying its seventy-five healing compounds including

natural steroids, antibiotic agents, amino acids, minerals and enzymes.

Nettle –

Also known as the bowel mover. These plants are best known as stinging nettle plants.

However when the nettle leaves are dried and eaten the saliva neutralizes the sting.

Nettles are incredibly effective in removing unwanted pounds. A cup of nettle tea in

the morning is ideal to get things going in the bowel department. The nettle leaves

increase the thyroid function, increase metabolism and releases mucus in the colon

allowing for the flushing of excess wastes.

Echinacea –

Echinacea is known to assist in the prevention off colds and flu. This herb is used

as a natural antibiotic and immune system stimulator, helping to build up resistance.

The reason for its effectiveness is because of its ability to stimulate the lymph flow

in the body. Lymph runs parallel with our bloodstream and carries toxins out of the

body. The herb can be taken in liquid or capsule form for 2-3 week periods during

“high risk” flu seasons. The tea from this herb has also grown in popularity for

treating infections and cancers including skin cancer.

Ginseng –

Ginseng is the quintessential herb for handling stress. This ancient

healing herb has been used widely throughout Asia as an energizer tonic. This

special herb is particularly beneficial when recovering from illness or surgery for

its restorative and anti-infection properties. It promotes regeneration from stress

and fatigue.

White tea –

White tea is from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) as green tea it is

harvest in the Chinese province of Fujian, the only difference is white tea is



Seaweeds are one of nature’s true wonder foods! They are one of the most

nutritionally dense plants on the planet and also the most abundant source of

minerals in the plant kingdom as they have access to all the nutrients in the ocean.

Being a superfood, and a superweed, a little goes a long way!

Benefits of Seaweeds

• Blood Purifying: The chemical composition of seaweeds is so close to human blood

plasma, that they are excellent at regulating and purifying our blood.

• High in Calcium: They can contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk and 8

times as much as beef.

• Alkalizing:They help to alkalize our blood, neutralizing the over-acidic effects

of our modern diet.

• Have Powerful Chelating Properties: They offer protection from a wide array of

environmental toxins, including heavy metals, pollutants and radiation by-products,

by converting them to harmless salts that the body can eliminate easily.

• Contain Anti-oxidants: Seaweeds contain lignans (naturally occurring chemical

compounds) which have anti cancer properties.

• Detoxifying: They are rich in chlorophyl, which is a powerful, natural detoxifier

that helps to draw out waste products.

• Boost Weight loss: Seaweeds play a role in boosting weight loss and deterring

cellulite build-up. Their naturally high concentration of iodine, helps to stimulate

the thyroid gland, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism. At the

same time, its’ minerals act like electrolytes to break the chemical bonds that seal

the fat cells, allowing trapped wastes to escape.

Different Types of Seaweeds That You Can Enjoy Everyday


Nori is best known as the seaweed used to make sushi rolls. You can make your

own at home, but make sure you use the untoasted nori sheets for maximum nutrient



Kelp, also known as brown algae, is the most common seaweed found along the

ocean shores. Due to its thick leaves it is perfect for a hot seaweed bath. It is

also available in supplement form.

Dulse –

Dulse is a red seaweed and can be bought either whole or as flakes. Dulse

sold as flakes does not need to be soaked and can be added straight to any meal.

Whole dulse is better soaked, drained of water, and sliced before adding to your

dish. It is great to use as seasoning on salads, vegetables and soups.

Arame –

Arame is a ‘black’ stringy looking seaweed. It needs to be soaked for a few

minutes before it is added to cooking, where it will double in size.  It can be

added to any grain dishes, stir fries, soups, salads and curries.

Wakame –

A deep green seaweed, wakame is sold fresh or dehydrated. It tastes best

when hydrated in water for a few minutes before being used. Sprinkle in soups,

stocks, stews, stir fries or savory dishes.

Kombu –

Used in Japan for centuries as a mineral rich flavour enhancer. Add a strip

of kombu when cooking beans to make them more digestible and to reduce gas. Add a

strip of kombu to your sprouts when soaking them to allow them to soak up the


When sourcing or buying seaweed, choose certified organic brands where possible.

Seaweeds will absorb the properties of the water in which they are grown, so you

want to ensure that they have been grown and harvested in unpolluted waters that are

pure, and free from harmful chemicals.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is one of my favourite super foods as it contains one of the highest,

tastiest forms of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) which is obtained from Linolenic

Acid. If you include salmon in your diet 2-4 times a week you can reduce your

chances of diseases that have been linked with low doses of these essential fatty


They call them essential fatty acids for a reason the fact is our bodies do not

produce omega 3 naturally, therefore we have to feed our body the necessary amounts

to stay protected.

There are two different kinds of Omega 3s one derived from plant sources known as

ALA the other from sea sources known as EPA DHA, the omega 3 derived from the sea is

alot more potent than the plant form.

Omega 3 has many health benefits that stretch throughout our entire bodies some of

these benefits are, reduces high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, depression,

omega 3 also helps with brain development and function.

Researchers has found that people who do not consume enough omega 3 have a higher

risk of depression and bi-polar disorder. It has also been documented that omega 3

can help people that have already been diganosed with depression.

Salmon contains all of the necessary amino acids for cellular repair and optimal

immune function.


The Egyptians wrote about it back in 5500 B.C., the Indians used it for their

religious ceremonies in 1000 B.C. and even the Babylonians have been noted to use it

in their medicinal practices. The western world actually discovered the benefits of

bee superfoods by accident during an investigation of native Russian Beekeepers who

regularly lived past 100 years of age who ate raw honey, rich in bee pollen, every


Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a milk like secretion from the head glands of the

worker bees. The queen bee lives almost exclusively on royal jelly and she lives

around 40 times longer than the rest of the bees. Royal Jelly is a powerhouse of

nutrients containing every nutrient necessary to support life. It is the world’s

richest source of pantothenic acid (also known as Vitamin B5), which is known to

combat stress, fatigue and insomnia and is a vital nutrient for healthy skin and


Bee Pollen –

Bee pollen is collected by bees from flowering plants and formed into

granules. Bee pollen is the most complete food found in nature and has five to seven

times more protein than beef. It is especially beneficial for the extra nutritional

and energy needs of athletes and those recovering from illness. It is a natural

antidote for fighting allergies particulary hayfever and sinusitus. Research shows

that pollen counteracts the signs of aging and increases both mental and physical


Propolis –

Propolis is the substance that bees coat the walls of their hives with

and bee hives have often been referred to as the most antiseptic places in nature.

The powerful antibiotic properties of propolis can help protect humans from bacteria

and can strengthen our immune system. Propolis works against viruses, something that

antibiotics cannot do. Research shows that taking propolis during the high risk

‘cold and flu’ season reduces colds, coughing and inflammation of the mouth, tonsils

and throat.

Manuka Honey-

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey (nectar is derived from only one species of

flower). It is produced in both New Zealand by bees that feed on the flowers of the

manuka plant, and in Australia, from the tea tree.

A study by the University of Queensland, Australia indicated the presence of

quercetin in honey derived from tea tree flowers. For hundreds of years, the tea

tree was a source of medicinal remedies for the Australian Aborigines. For instance,

they used the crushed leaves to treat cuts and skin infections. In 1923, an

Australian government scientist discovered that the tea tree oil was twelve times

stronger as an antiseptic bactericide than carbolic acid.

Tea tree oil is active against bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It is a

powerful immuno-stimulant that activates white blood cells and otherwise increases

the body’s ability to respond to microbial challenges. Importantly, tea tree

dissolves pus without damaging healthy tissues (when properly diluted), thus leaving

the surface of an infected wound clean and allowing the oil’s germicidal action to

proceed more effectively. Most pharmaceutical germicides destroy healthy tissue as

well as bacteria.

Manuka honey (a dark-colored honey with a flavor reminiscent of tea tree oil)

combines some of the healing actions of the tea tree with the naturally

antibacterial properties of honey. Manuka honey can be used in wound-dressings to

prevent infection. In general, honey is a natural antiseptic that speeds healing

while helping to seal a wound from exposure to new infection. Manuka honey exerts

antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal


Manuka honey is commonly referred to as UMF honey. Honey’s sugars give rise to the

disinfectant: hydrogen peroxide. Manuka honey additionally contains an antibacterial

component known as the “Unique Manuka Factor.” A UMF rating system has been

developed to compare each manuka honey with standard disinfectants. The Unique

Manuka Factor is unaffected by enzymes in the body that destroy hydrogen peroxide.

Manuka honey also destroys bacteria by drawing water out of bacterial cells, thus

making it impossible for them to survive.

Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can help slow down aging and prevent disease. For combating aging, the best  approach is adopting a healthy lifestyle. That means regular physical activity, quality sleep, and packing your diet full of healthy foods. Adding these spices to food and home-made skin masks, may just boost a few more years on you!


Gingerol is an active chemical found in ginger. It discourages the spread of colorectal cancer cells.


It is one of the most important anti aging spice. It helps regulate sugar level by enhancing the insulin’s sensitivity. It also helps reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol level, proliferation of lymphoma cancer cells and leukemia.


Of all spices, cloves received the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Score, meaning it is the highest in antioxidants. Additionally, cloves contain eugenol, which has mild anesthetic benefits useful for toothaches, gum pain, and sore throats. Cloves also offer relief from respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis, and eliminate intestinal parasites, fungi, and bacteria.


Citral is the important compound present in lemon grass. It helps relieve various health disorders due to age like spasms, cramps, rheumatism, headaches and colon cancer.


It has large amounts of antioxidants which helps fight against damage caused by free radicals. Thus, it helps reduce the aging process.Its active agent, rosmarinic acid, clears out the free radicals that age us and contribute to disease. Additionally, oregano is also one of the strongest and most effective broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungals out there. It can help kill Candida, or yeast infection, as well as fungal nail infections.


This herb is also a powerful antioxidant. It reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol level. It also helps boost immunity and treats diabetes.


It is an important anti aging spice. It belongs to Zingiberaceae family. It has an activechemical compound called Curcumin. This compound is believed to be anti cancerous and can also prevent  Alzheimer’s disease.


Italian spice blend’s key ingredient, is loaded with antioxidants that can protect your cells from harmful free radicals – the damaging molecules that also contribute to heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.