What’s my bodyshape? How to dress for my bodyshape?

What’s my bodyshape? How to dress for my bodyshape?

We are all born unique individuals ( thank God!!)  but we all have one out of 5 specificbody structures. Identifying your bodyshape, and understanding your proportions can help you create a balanced appearance. We can help you wear the right kind of clothes everytime, and enhance your own appearance,and to look and feel more confident.

How to know your bodyshape?

Look in the mirror, can you see what type of bodyshape you resemble? If not 100% sure, get a tape measure and check! Measure the bust, hips and waist to determine which bodyshape you are?  

Need advice, please feel free to ask in Q & A…we would love to help!!

How to measure your body?

Measuring the size of the bodyparts such as the bust, waist and hips would help to identify the bodyshape.The waist measurements should be taken 1 inch above the belly button, and hips and bust should be measured the widest section.

The different types of female bodyshapes:

Pear:  Your hips and thighs will be the largest measurements, then usually your bust followed by your waist. The “pear” normally has a smallish bust (compared to the lower half anyway), a longer waist, flat tummy, and heavier legs.

Apple:  These measurements will be similar across the bust and hips, with not much difference between your  bust and  waist. The “apple” will normally have an average bust, larger tummy area, quite a flat bum (in 

proportion to the rest of your body).

HourglassThe bust and hip measurement will be their largest, and the waist measurement will be quite small. An “hourglass” will normally have a large bust, small waist, short waist, big hips and generous thighs.

Petite This could be any of the other measurement combinations; however shorter and tend to have broader shoulders.

Slim Athletic:  The measurements will be fairly regular across their hips, waist, bust and under bust. They will also have fairly regular measurements across their mid thigh as well. “Slim athletics” tend to have a slight waist and longer legs.

The Pear….

The Womanly Figure: Being bottom-heavy: bigger around the hips, bottoms and thighs than you are up top! Most likely a flat-stomach! Always a good thing..

Our focus is up top! Adding shape and structure to the top half!!

Goals:        Balance is the key word here, and its all about drawing the eye
up and balancing whats going on below!!

What to wear on the Pear figure!!

Best Pieces:  

  •       Clean lines and muted colours work well.
  •        Maxi Skirts work well.
  •        A line skirts look fantastic..
  •        Wide leg pants plus front flat trousers
  •        Bolero jackets and shrugs work well.
  •        Interesting striking necklines and sleeves work beautifully!
  •        Bright, Colourful,busy patterned tops work well.
  •        In jackets go for wide lapels, and shoulders that are structured.
  •        Big volumed sleeves create a good balance
  •        A -line dresses look great
  •        Lowish neckline to emphasis the bust area
  • .      Detailed embellished bodices work beautifully.


  •         Knee Boots work well ..
  •         Lengthen your legs with med to high heels.
  • Accessories:
    • Chunky interesting necklaces work well
    • Bright Scarf is great!

    What not to wear on the PEAR figure!! (Avoid) 


    • No fishtail skirts.
    • No Tube or pencil skirts.
    • Bias and Shreath Dresses just
      don’t work!! Don’t bother!!
    • No tiered skirts, too much extra
    • No tight stretchy dresses!!! AT
    • No Bias skirts!! EVA!!
    • No Cargo pants with pockets
      around the thighs….gives you more width!
    • No bright light colours on the
      bottom, as it will attract all the attention there!
    • Be careful with skinny leg jeans,
      they need to be carefully matched with the right top to work!
    • No Baggy stuff up top it does nothing.
      • Polo necks and high neck tops don’t do much.
      • Avoid small collars.


      •  No pointy shoes. Not elegant with your shape.
      •  Stilettos aren’t a must, go for something sturdy.


      • No wide hip belts.Emphasis the wrong parts.
      • Long Strappy bags draw the eye again to the wrong bits.

      Are You the hourglass.?

      Your bust and hips measurements would almost be the same circumference..with a smaller waist?

      Lucky you…follow these simple instructions, and you will be looking

      fantastic and feeling confident, while strutting those generous curves!!

      Shape it!!….show off those best assets!!

      The perfect silhouette…The ideal proportional body.

      Upper and lower body parts are in balance with each other.

      Goals:        Create Balance!

                           Flatter your form without adding unwanted bulk.

      What to wear on the hourglass figure!!

      Best Pieces:

      •    Dresses: that highlights your waist.
      •     Wrap dresses are fantastic…back-tie styles work beautifully.
      •     Thin waist clinching belts.
      •     Wide leg jeans/pants will emphasis your lovely waist. .
        •     Sweet heart and V necklines.
        •     Cargo and combat styles with side flap pockets will just add bulk.
        •     If you have slender thighs, go the slim/ skinny jean look.
        •     Knee length skirts are best! Fun skirts that fall from the waist.
        •     A-line and pencil skirts work well.


        • Glamorous Peep Toe high heels will work perfectly
        • Rounded shoes will suit your rounded curvy figure.


        • Fashionable waist belts, thin.
        • Funky thin bracelets will add elegance to your long arms.

        What not to wear on the hourglass figure!!

        (Please follow the guidlines carefully, or the fashion police will find you!!)


        • Baggy clothes
        • Empire lines
          and straight Sheaths
        • Avoid Frills
          and bows on the bodice (if top heavy).
        • Avoid tight
          • fitted skirt (if bottom heavy)
          • Cargo and
            combat styles with side flap pockets will just add bulk.
          • Slouchy jeans
            will hide your curvy bottom
          • No skinny
            jeans if you have big thighs.
          • No fishtail
            skirts, it brings out your bottom too much
          • Careful of
            tight stretchy skirts…can look way too sexy!


          •          Ankle boots with skirts. hide those elegant ankles.
          •          No pointy shoes.Not elegant with your shape.


          •           No wide hip belts.
          •           Avoid chunky angular jewellery that will distract from those great curves.

        • Are you the delicious Apple ???….

          We need to minimise the apple midsection

                And draw the attention to those great legs and fabarms!!!

          Goals       Create balance, by focusing above and
          below the apple!!!
          Layering works well
          with the apple…with different    fabrics…by
          reshaping the silhouette adding length….
           Getting pieces to hit
          the hip-length will add definition to your upper half!

          What to wear on the APPLE figure!

          Best Pieces:

          • Short Skirts…if you dare to show off those best assets!
          • Cute A-line Dresses, Empire lines
            are your best friends!!!
          • Bias Cut knee
            length/ or ankle skirts will look fab!
          • V-neck tops, scoop, or embellished neckline will elongate the torso.
          • Blouses with a gentle curved waistline.
          • Single buttoned jackets.
          • Wrap shirts and dresses.Not too clingy.
          • Wide Legged trousers. Bootcut or flared jeans will work well.
            • Long fitted shirts and sweaters that fall to the hips. Not too fitted!
            • Bohemian Tunics and longer length tops are perfect for you!
            • A tailored jacket or trench coat works well.
            • Maxi dresses that are flared work well!


            • Fine knits such as Cashmere
            • Soft plain silks
              are best up top.
            • Experiment
              with bold printed pants or skirts with floral designs.


            • Boots look great with tunics and those legs!
            • Glamorous sparkly heels.
            • Cute dainty chunky wedges in
              bright colours for a fantastic casual look.


            • Long necklaces or pearls/ shell necklaces
              draw the eye downward.
            • Dangly earrings will
              again draw the eye downward.
              • Long shoulder Straps or clutch blag.
              • Scarfs are wonderful….

              What not to wear on the APPLE figure!!  (Avoid)


              •            No pieces that skim the waist such as a short jacket
                            or sweater.
              •             Chunky knitwear!
              •             Nothing boxy up top.
              •             No tier, or ruffles skirts, it will make you look blocky.
              •             No pleats and gathers in pants.
              •             High waisted jeans will add bulk where you don’t want bulk!
              •             Bows won’t work around the belly area.


              •  No Bold patterns on top.
              •  No bright satins on top.


              • No pointy toes


              • No Belts on the waist.



The Slim Athletic Figure….

Your shape is straight up and down. Your shoulders are the same as your hips and you have a slight waist!  It’s easy to soften your shape!! You’re lucky; most trends from the runway will work on you!! Be brave with fashion!!

Goals:       Adding mix of colours, prints and textures to create curves and shape! We need to create curves, and more curves!!

What to wear on the Slim Athletic figure!!

A mix of colours and textures to create curves and shape!Best Pieces:    Strapless and Fitted Bodices with flarey skirts will balance you out.
  •  Skinny leg denims work well, with layering especially
  • Tailored Pieces work well, they will create form.
  • A classic Round-neck jumper gives an elegant shape
  • Feminine Chiffon bias cut dresses or kaftans look great
  • A three-quarter length belted coat works wonders
  • Shirts should be pleated or gathered or lots of panels to give shape.
  • Cropped pants work well for you.
  • Cargoes and combats add volume
  • Light coloured pants work with your shape
  • Tunic Dresses with ties or belts
  • Bias Cut dresses will look great
  • Skirts that fall from the waist
  • Patterns and bold coloured prints on pants and skirts work well


  • Good Solid heel will look great
  • Knee boots that have a slouch will work well.


  • Large Bold Coloured necklaces to draw
    attention to the centre of your body.
  • Enhance your curves with big belts!


What not to wear on the Slim Athletic figure!! (Avoid) 


  • Puffy sleeves.
  • Halter necks: won’t do anything
  • Shoulder pads will give you a square look
  • Tapering Trousers are best avoided
  • Straight sarong -like skirts will not work


  • Chunky platforms with give you a box look
  • Long Square boots will do nothing.


  •  No bulky bags under the shoulder
  • Not too dainty necklaces