Apple Bodyshape Boho Inspo

Do you have the delicious apple bodyshape??

You seem to hold all your weight around your upper torso and tummy!!!

When you have the Apple Shaped Figures you need to minimise the apple midsection....

And draw the attention to those great legs and fab arms!!!

Apple Shaped Figures Goals: 

Create balance, by focusing above and
below the apple!!! Layering works well
with the apple…with different fabrics…by
reshaping the silhouette adding length….

Getting pieces to hit the hip-length will add definition to your upper half!

What to wear on the APPLE shaped figures to
compliment your figure!

Best Pieces:

  • Short Skirts…if you dare to show off those best assets!
  • Cute A-line Dresses, Empire lines
    are your best friends!!!
  • Bias Cut knee
    length/ or ankle skirts will look fab!
  • V-neck tops, scoop, or embellished neckline  
  • will elongate the torso.
  • Blouses with a gentle curved waistline.
  • Single buttoned jackets.
  • Wrap shirts and dresses.Not too clingy.
  • Wide Legged trousers. Bootcut or flared jeans will work well.
  • Long fitted shirts and sweaters that fall to the hips. Not too fitted!
  • Bohemian Tunics and longer length tops are perfect for you!
  • A tailored jacket or trench coat works well.
  • Maxi dresses that are flared work well!


  • Fine knits such as Cashmere
  • Soft plain silks
    are best up top.
  • Experiment
    with bold printed pants or skirts with floral designs.


  • Boots look great with tunics and those legs!
  • Glamorous sparkly heels.
  • Cute dainty chunky wedges in
    bright colours for a fantastic casual look.


  • Long necklaces or pearls/ shell necklaces
    draw the eye downward.
  • Dangly earrings will
    again draw the eye downward.
  • Long shoulder Straps or clutch blag.
  • Scarfs are wonderful….

What NOT to wear on the APPLE shaped figures to compliment her  figure!!

( PLEASE Avoid wearing the following )


  • No pieces that skim the waist such as a short jacket
    or sweater.
  • Chunky knitwear!
  • Nothing boxy up top.
  • No tier, or ruffles skirts, it will make you look blocky.
  • No pleats and gathers in pants.
  • High waisted jeans will add bulk where you don’t want bulk!
  • Bows won’t work around the belly area.


  • No Bold patterns on top.
  • No bright satins on top.


  • No pointy toes


  • No Belts on the waist.


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Apple Shape Boho Ready!

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