Pretty Pastel Summer look for a Pear

Lets Get Pretty in Pastels with The Pear shape this summer….

Get this awesome look, and show off your fab legs! Combining pastel, glam and boho! Stand out from the crowd!


Boho Look for a Pear


The Pear….

The Womanly Figure: Being bottom-heavy: bigger around the hips, bottoms and thighs than you are up top! Most likely a flat-stomach! Always a good thing..

Our focus is up top! Adding shape and structure to the top half!!

Goals:        Balance is the key word here, and its all about drawing the eye
up and balancing whats going on below!!

What to wear on the Pear figure!!

Best Pieces:  

  •       Clean lines and muted colours work well.
  •        Maxi Skirts work well.
  •        A line skirts look fantastic..
  •        Wide leg pants plus front flat trousers
  •        Bolero jackets and shrugs work well.
  •        Interesting striking necklines and sleeves work beautifully!
  •        Bright, Colourful,busy patterned tops work well.
  •        In jackets go for wide lapels, and shoulders that are structured.
  •        Big volumed sleeves create a good balance
  •        A -line dresses look great
  •        Lowish neckline to emphasis the bust area
  • .      Detailed embellished bodices work beautifully.


  •         Knee Boots work well ..
  •         Lengthen your legs with med to high heels.
  • Accessories:
    • Chunky interesting necklaces work well
    • Bright Scarf is great!

    What not to wear on the PEAR figure!! (Avoid) 


    • No fishtail skirts.
    • No Tube or pencil skirts.
    • Bias and Shreath Dresses just
      don’t work!! Don’t bother!!
    • No tiered skirts, too much extra
    • No tight stretchy dresses!!! AT
    • No Bias skirts!! EVA!!
    • No Cargo pants with pockets
      around the thighs….gives you more width!
    • No bright light colours on the
      bottom, as it will attract all the attention there!
    • Be careful with skinny leg jeans,
      they need to be carefully matched with the right top to work!
    • No Baggy stuff up top it does nothing.
      • Polo necks and high neck tops don’t do much.
      • Avoid small collars.


      •  No pointy shoes. Not elegant with your shape.
      •  Stilettos aren’t a must, go for something sturdy.


      • No wide hip belts.Emphasis the wrong parts.
      • Long Strappy bags draw the eye again to the wrong bits.


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