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What’s my bodyshape? How to dress for my bodyshape?

What’s my bodyshape? How to dress for my bodyshape? We are all born unique individuals ( thank God!!)  but we all have one out of 5 specificbody structures. Identifying your bodyshape, and understanding your proportions can help you create a balanced appearance. We can help you wear the right kind of clothes everytime, and enhance your own appearance,and to look and feel more confident. How to know your bodyshape? Look in the mirror, can you see what type of bodyshape you resemble? If not 100% sure, get a tape measure and check! Measure the bust, hips and waist to determine which bodyshape you are?   Need advice, please feel free to ask in Q & A…we would love to help!! How to measure your body? Measuring the size of the bodyparts...

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